Aces Cannabis – Unwind, Uplift, Inspire, and Energize

Aces Extracts (Commonly Known As Aces) Is A Top Cannabis Brand That Was Launched In 2017 In Los Angeles. All The Products Of Aces Are Specifically Designed To Complement An Active Lifestyle.

The company has named its products after their intended effects. Since its launch, Aces has won several awards including the People’s Choice Vape Pen award.

Manufacturing Process

Aces collects their cannabis flowers from a selected network of growers. These flowers are clean and contaminant free. The company tests all the harvest to make sure that the source material is free of pollutants, pesticides, mold, and harmful microbes. They extract the flowers with industry leading processes. The undesired components of the extract are then filtered out when each batch of extract is winterized. The process is repeated three times and small filters are used to make sure that the product is at its purest form and free of the undesired elements. Aces then tests the product again to ensure that there are no by-products of the extraction process. The extract is then distilled to the highest potency and clarity, three times. The distillate is then tested again and only the best results are approved for packaging.


The flagship products by Aces Extracts come in four different strains; Unwind, Uplift, Inspire, and Energize. These are available in their disposable universal cartridges and vaporizing pens. Both these products feature CCELL technologyto ensure a consistent and luxurious vaping experience every time. Apart from these two, Aces also manufactures Shatter, Live Resin, Vaporizers, and other products.

Vape Pens by Aces offer a luxurious vapor experience in a discreet, portable, and convenient package. These disposable pens come prefilled with high-potency, high-quality cannabis. The pens are also fully charged, so no charging is required after purchase. The cannabis included is distillate that is thoroughly lab-tested and combined with terpenes that are cannabis-derived.

Aces uses medical grade glass and stainless-steel cartridges that are equipped with premium quality ceramic core heating elements. The unique chamber design ensures even airflow and heating and helps deliver outstanding taste with each draw while minimizing any potential leaks.

Aces Extracts also manufactures pure and potent Shatter. The cannabis shatter set of Aces is the new standard for taste and effect. Thanks to the company’s thorough extraction process, there are no additives or terpenes in the product and the full cannabinoid profile is preserved.

Aces Extracts also makes Vaporizers. These distillate vaporizers can last for days without requiring a recharge. The innovative and modern design protects and cradles the cartridges, while minimizing possible leaks.

Available Doses and Pricing

Ace’s 300mg Vape Pen is available for around $20 and its 500mg pen starts at $25. The Vaporizers are available for around $30.