Raw Garden

Brands producing cannabis vape cartridges continue to dominate the market and those that produce edibles are close behind. Raw Garden is one brand that has become very popular in the cartridges category. Based in Santa Barbara, Raw Garden offers 100% pure cannabis flower products and prides itself on its proprietary extraction process. It was founded in 2010 and currently sells its products in more than 22,000 locations.

Brand Overview

Raw Garden entered the cannabis market in 2010. The brand is focused on creating clean “raw” and additive-free cannabis products, particularly cartridges. They use their seeds to grow the cannabis and only choose the best plants to put through their proprietary extraction process.

The cryogenic freezing process of the brand locks in the full essence of the cannabis plant, retaining all of its terpenes. This greatly helps preserve the flavor of the plant. Raw Garden’s product line starts on cannabis farms situated in Central Coast, California. The soil, climate, and growing methods allow for the brand to produce a high-quality product. Since they grow and extract the product themselves, they are able to offer excellent quality at reasonable pricing.

The current CEO of Raw Garden John De Friel takes great interest in the direct production of the brand’s iconic offerings. His hands-on cannabis growing and cultivation experience helps bring Raw Garden to the top of its game.

Product Line

Raw Garden is renowned for its vast selection of high-quality cartridge products. The brand excels at offering products that stay true to only using the cannabis plant. Following are their top offerings:

Refined Live Resin Diamonds

Refined Live Resin Diamonds are made from the proprietary Raw Garden farming techniques i.e. cryogenically flash-freezing instantly after harvesting. Thanks to the THCa crystallines and varietal terpenes, this product offers the ultimate dabbing experience.

Refined Live Resin THC Cartridge

These cartridges are very potent and made in the same fashion as above. They contain all the high-quality terpenes, flavors, and aromas and a high amount of THC.

Refined Live Resin + CBD

These cartridges are made to offer a balanced vaping experience. They contain relatively lower amount of THC but a high dose of CBD to offer its various therapeutic benefits, e.g. pain reducing, healing, etc.

Live Sauce

Raw Garden Live Sauce is free of any artificial flavors, fillers, and additives. It is 100% cannabis that comes in a wetter consistency as compared to Live Resin. It contains about 7-14% terpenes.

Live Resin

Live Resin has a relatively drier consistency as compared to Live Sauce. It contains about 4-7% terpenes.

Refined Live Resin PAX Era Pod

These pods contain high levels of THC and are rich in natural flavors, aromas, and terpenes of the high-quality source cannabis flower. The automatic PAX device provides the perfect cannabis experience every time.

In conclusion, the Raw Garden product line is a dream for every cannabis consumer. In terms of taste, strains, experience, price, and quality, these products are a good standard. They can be easily found in dispensaries all across California.

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