Elixicure Cannabis – Certified Organic Pain Relief Roll-on

Elixicure Is A Well-Known Company That Manufactures Cannabis Infused Products That Are Used To Treat Pain Without Any Psychoactive Effects That Are Associated With THC. 

The brand’s pain relief roll-on product line has gained a lot of popularity due to its amazing results. The product line of Elixicure is manufactured using the extract of cannabis plant as well as more than 90% certified organic ingredients that help block pain receptors and provide a highly effective Aspirin-like relief.

Manufacturing Process

Elixicure claims to be one of the only U.S. companies that have complete seed to shelf control over their products. The hemp Elixicure uses in their products is naturally grown on government approved farms in Kentucky, USA. The company tests and certifies all of their products at each and every stage of the manufacturing process. The essential oils and other active ingredients used in Elixicure’s products are the purest and pharmaceutically derived. They are superior in quality as compared to those available on the market these days. Elixicure uses premium quality, federally compliant hemp.


Currently, Elixicure offers only one product that can be purchased in different packs. The roll-on product is hemp infused to offer the best hemp pain relief. It is a specially formulated product that uses 100 mg extract of the hemp plant. Apart from this, the product includes over 90% certified organic ingredients, menthol, willow bark extract, as well as counter-irritants. All these ingredients are a strong combination for pain relief. Salicylic Acids are also included in the product that further enhance that effects of the product.

Elixicure’s hemp infused roll-on is ideal for minor pains and aches associated with arthritis, sprains, bruises, strains, sore muscles, and joints. Elixicure’s roll-on is great for sore neck muscles and works instantly. The user gets a slight tingling, cooling sensation when applying the product, as well as, a sweet and mild spearmint aroma. This roll-on will leave your muscles feeling relaxed and less achy within a few minutes Since you can roll the product directly onto the affected area of your body, the application process of Elixicure’s hemp infused roll-on is less messy and much easier.

Available Sizes And Pricing

As mentioned above, although there is only one product currently offered by Elixicure, it is sold in a number of packs. A single pain relief roll-on is 100 mg and the pricing varies depending on the pack you purchase. A single roll-on is available for around $30 and a pack of three roll-ons is available for around $80. The largest pack contains six Elixicure’s pain relief roll-ons for around $150. The roll-on featuring Lavender is also available at the same pricing.

Where To Buy?

Elixicure products are available through our Lucky Box subscription.