Mellows Brown Butter Sage

Getting Mellow with Mellows

Explore the world of small-batch medicated confections with Mellows! Handcrafted in the heart of San Francisco, Mellows are low-dose gourmet marshmallows that put a grown-up twist on a childhood favorite. Available in a variety of heavenly flavors, the commitment to craft confectionery is unmistakable in every bite.

Each Mellow is infused with about four to five milligrams of cannabis from solventless hash-infused coconut oil. This not only enhances the texture but unlike most edibles, the herbaceous essence of the plant is virtually undetectable. The hash is derived from select single-origin ‘Red Congolese’, a sativa strain well-known for its invigorating and euphoric high.

With chillier days ahead, try these fun food ideas with Mellows!:
– Melt a Mellow in your favorite hot drink 
– Use Mellows in place of regular marshmallows for grown-up s’mores
– Wrap a Mellow in a ball of cookie dough before baking
– Torch a Mellow over your favorite ice cream
– Briefly broil Mellows in baked sweet potatoes

Featured in the Winter Collection Lucky Box!