Mondo Meds Powder Cannabis

Mondo Meds (Commonly Known As Mondo) Is A Cannabis Brand That Manufactures Premium Quality Cannabis Supplements That Are Suitable For All Types Of People. 

The company’s goal is to create the highest quality products via the cleanest cannabis flowers, as well as, teach people that cannabis consumption can have a positive effect that can lead to a productive lifestyle. Mondo has won several awards including the Best Drink Mix, and the Best Coconut Oil Based Edible

Manufacturing Process

Mondo has its own proprietary extraction methods that they use to preserve the native plant terpenes in order to provide euphoric mood elevation. The company does not use standard butane or CO2 extraction methods. Instead, it uses their own proprietary water method. While this method of extraction is relatively time consuming, the slower extraction of the plant’s terpenes, CBD, and THC preserves the delicate chemicals in their natural state. The terpenes extracted via this method are superior when it comes to mood elevation and anxiety relief. Furthermore, to ensure the highest quality of naturally grown cannabis, Mondo sources specific strains only from contracted farmers. From collecting the cannabis to labeling, and packing the jars, all manufacturing processes are done by Mondo.


Currently, the company offers only one product i.e. Mondo powder (commonly known as Mondo). It is a natural dissolving cannabis powder that the company has manufactured to be the replacement for pharmaceutical anxiety medication. Crafted from premium quality Blue Dream flowers, Mondo is guaranteed to be free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. It’s somewhat similar to AbsoluteXtracts‘ spray.

The main ingredients of Mondo include THC, Non-GMO Maltodextrin, Organic Cacao Butter, and Organic Coconut Oil. You can use this product to increase your emotional stability without worrying about compromising your intellectual ability. Mondo Meds has manufactured this product specifically to alleviate intrusive anxious thoughts and allow people to feel a sense of euphoria without losing focus. You can feel Mondo’s effects within 15 minutes of consumption. This allows you to titrate the perfect dose, so there are no risks of overdoing it.

Mondo powder has an extraordinary texture and a really delicious taste. It melts on contact with the tongue and disappears within a few seconds. So, you can eat it by itself. You can also put it in your favorite drink such as a superfood smoothie or matcha latte. Furthermore, Mondo power can also be sprinkled in the food such as ice cream, salad dressings, yogurt, etc. You don’t even have to calculate the right portions or dosing.

Mondo powder comes in a small jar. The jar looks like that of a beauty product, but it contains the powder. A measured scoop is also included in the packaging that delivers 5 mg of THC in each serving.

Available Doses And Pricing

Per jar, Mondo contains 200 mg THC, 7 mg CBD, and 2 mg CBN. It is available for around $40-70. It’s also available in our Lucky box Club weed box.