Papa & Barkley – The Best Place To Get It

Papa & Barkley Is A Premium California-Based Wellness Brand That Started Manufacturing Cannabis Infused Products In July 2016. The Company Manufactures Natural, Highly Effective Products That Utilize The Healing Power Of The Cannabis Plant. 

Papa & Barkley began as an effort to offer basic relief. Today, it is considered as one of the most popular companies that offer a sophisticated line of cannabis infused products. Each product by Papa & Barkley carries unique properties that enhance therapeutic effectiveness and experience.

Manufacturing Process

Papa & Barkley manufacturers all of its products in a state-of-the-art, licensed manufacturing facility that is located in Humboldt County, California. Each and every product contains premium quality cannabis that is triple-tested. Purity is the top priority of the company, from start to finish. Second and third generation farmers from Papa & Barkley implement a test known as the Track and Trace program. After the test is completed, the company does an infusion, which is then tested. After the infusion, the final product is tested once again. All the products are overseen by the County of Humboldt, the City of Eureka, and the company’s cultivation partners.


All product lines by Papa & Barkley contain premium quality products with perfect cannabinoid/terpene ration and potency. Releaf Balm and Releaf Tincture are their most popular products.

Releaf Balm is an award-winning product by Papa & Barkley that incorporates a new formula and approach to deliver hours of pain relief in botanical, all-natural balm. Releaf Balm is infused through a coconut oil soak process, offering unparalleled terpene content and potency.

Releaf Tincture is a life saver for anyone who has an autoimmune illness such as Crohn’s Disease, IBS, or Colitis. Releaf Tincture provides long lasting pain relief, while remaining discrete. The product is activated with the perfect number of cannabinoids and is ideal for whole body pains and aches.

Releaf Soak is another popular product by Papa & Barkley which is ideal for those who are looking for a relaxing “end of the day” pain reliever. This product is made with Dead Sea salts that are imported from Israel. The 3:1 THC:CBD ratio of Releaf Soak provides a full body high that will take your stress away.

Releaf Body Oil, Releaf Capsules, and Releaf Patches are some other cannabis infused products of Papa & Barkley. All these products are high quality and triple tested. You cannot go wrong with any of them and are along with Pure Vape and Legion of Bloom among the most popular products right now.

Available Sizes And Pricing

All products of Papa & Barkley are available in different THC:CBD ratios. The pricing varies depending on the ratios and sizes. Releaf Balm for example comes in 1:3 and 3:1 THC: CBD ratios. You can get this product in 15 ml and 50 ml sizes at a price ranging from $20-90. Releaf Patches are available in four different ratios, which contains 30 mg of cannabinoids and sells for around $20. Releaf Body Oil contains 3:1 THC: CBD ratio and is sold in a 60 ml bottle for around $30. Releaf Capsules are available in 7 and 30 count bottles that are available for around $95 at most locations.

Where to Buy

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