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Blessed Extracts - Animal Face Cured Sugar – 1G

Hybrid Sativa - 80.14% THC



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Sugar also known as “Live Resin” is considered to be one of the greatest dabs available.
Animal Face is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that emits a light minty scent with hints of nuts and pine. While it’s Sativa-dominant, it does create Indica-like effects as well, according to reviewers. They’ve described it as both body and mind-numbing.
Live resin is concentrate that’s made from fresh green cannabis. With this Live Resin, there are key differences in its effects and flavor. Live Resin uses frozen whole cannabis flowers as opposed to dried and cured buds. Extracting the oil from fresh cannabis flowers preserves its unique aroma, which would be lost in the curing process. Live resin is notorious for giving users a powerful cerebral and body high.

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Hybrid Sativa