Master Growers – Ionic Alchemy Pet Health Spray: Supports Rapid Wound Healing and a Calm Disposition

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Master Growers Multi-Mineral Health Spray contains a mineral complex that forms Super Oxide Dimutase, a highly effective anti-viral and anti-inflammatory compound combined with 50-250mg of pure Hemp/CBD. This powerful blend supports rapid wound healing as well as a calm disposition.

Whether your fighting degeneration, infection, or anxiety, our multi-mineral health spray can have your pet on the road to rapid recovery.

Spray directly on wound, 1 – 3 X/day.

For Anxiety, spray on the belly for best absorption. 1 – 3 X/day.

Our Ionic Complex aids in the absorption of minerals and CBD to encourage the healing process.

Lemon Balm (Melissa Oil) is safe for all mammals and has many terpenes that work in synergy with CBD. This formula is excellent for wound care as well as reducing anxiety and relaxing the nervous system.