Sugarleaf Cannabis Including White 99, Agent Orange, Bubba Kush

Sugarleaf Is A Renowned Brand That Offers A Variety Of Cannabis Infused Products At Affordable Pricing. The Company Was Founded With A Single Goal; To Grow Premium Quality Cannabis And Manufacture The Best Cannabis Infused Products.

Manufacturing Process

For Sugarleaf, the entire manufacturing process is an art. All the products created by Sugarleaf are solvent free. The company takes pride in its top shelf cannabis flower that is grown in the company’s state-of-the-art facility. Sugarleaf ensures that the cleanest nutrients available are incorporated in their process. Cannabis requires the best possible climate conditions and diet to flourish and grow premium quality buds. Therefore, Sugarleaf hangs its flowers to dry in a climate-controlled room after harvesting them . 

Their premium quality solvent less hash oil is manufactured without any chemicals via a mechanical process that uses only pressure and heat. The terpene rich Rosin they squeeze out is flavorful and clean. In a nutshell, the manufacturing process of Sugarleaf is unmatched.


Sugarleaf manufactures a wide range of cannabis infused products. Some of their popular products include Agent Orange, Bubba Kush, and White 99.

Agent Orange by Sugarleaf provides uplifting effects and flavors. This well-balanced hybrid combines Jack the Ripper with Orange Velvet. This product will capture your senses with delightful smells of citrus fruit and oranges. Agent Orange will leave you feeling motivated and uplifted. It serves great as a mood enhancer if you are feeling depressed or lethargic.

Bubba Kush offers heavy tranquilizing effects. This Indica strain has sweet hashish flavors with mild notes of coffee and chocolate on the exhale. Overall, it offers a delightful, relaxing effect. Bubba Kush by Sugarleaf eases the muscles and the mind.

White 99 is another popular product by Sugarleaf. It is a potent hybrid cross of polar opposites and an offspring of The White and Cinderella 99. In terms of overall effect and aroma, White 99 takes after its ancestors. Smelling of pine and citrus, this product quashes depression and elevates mood. Its flavor is bright and fresh.

Apart from the three products mentioned above, Sugarleaf manufactures these products: Pootie Tang, Chunk Dawg, Chunky Diesel, MK Ultra, Mob Boss, Presidential Kush, Banana Kush, Candy Kush, Gorilla Glue #4, Lemon OG, Sunset Sherbet, Stardawg, and Valley Girl.

Available Doses And Pricing

Agent Orange contains 50% Indicia and 50% Sativa with 23% THC and 23% total cannabis amount. It is sold for around $10 a gram. Bubba Kush contains 80% Indica and 20% Sativa with  29.2% THC, 30.3% total cannabis amount, and 1.1% CBD. It is sold for around $10 a gram. White 99 contains 50% Indica and 50% Sativa and has 36.6% THC, 37% total cannabis amount, and 0.4% CBD. It is sold for around $20 for 3.5 grams. Other products from the company have roughly similar prices and dosages.

Where To Buy?

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