House of Saka WHITE

Wine, Weed & House of Saka White

Wine AND weed — what could be better? Introducing House of Saka, a non-alcoholic collection of cannabis-infused wine crafted from Napa Valley grapes. Inspired by the legend of Saka, an ancient tribe of fierce warrior women who centered cannabis-infused wine in their traditional rituals, House of Saka’s select grapes are fermented with minimal contact to preserve quality prior to alcohol removal and their proprietary THC:CBD formulation infusion process.

A fresh take on a classic Chardonnay, House of Saka White leads with luscious aromas of juicy stone fruit & toasted oak, followed by a pleasantly crisp buttery vanilla & exotic fruit finish. An intriguing hostess gift for those upcoming holiday parties, this pairs best with seafood, roasted vegetables, poultry, gourmet cheeses, or simply warm bread & butter. No worries here about getting fellow dinner guests too lifted, each five-ounce serving contains a 5:1 MG THC to CBD ratio, imparting a sensually smooth high that relaxes the body and arouses the senses. 

Featured in the Winter Collection Lucky Box!