Lucky Box Club is a premium cannabis subscription service, providing

quality products to our members each month.


We take the hassle out of the dispensary experience by delivering

curated products discreetly, safely, and professionally.


We’ve created alliances with some of the best brands in California to provide unique products for our boxes. From topicals to flowers to tinctures — we have something for everyone. Fostered with creativity and integrity, we hand deliver custom boxes to fit each of our member’s needs. You won’t find a product in the box that hasn’t gone through quality assurance

testing and the approval of the our strict standards.

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Click on SHOP to order a curated subscription box suited to your preferences.  You may also purchase individual items a la carte.  

cannabis delivery in california



Deliveries come right to your doorstep with one of our trusted drivers. It’s discreet, fast and easy!

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As a member of Lucky Box Club, you’ll be in with the cool kids for life! We only send curated products of the highest quality.

There’s magic in the box

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Featured brands



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With Lucky Box Club you never know what will show up on your doorstep. So the question is… Are you feeling lucky?

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Cannabis flowers

Weed Edibles

Extract for vape pens

Specialty weed products

bonus product one is pre-rolled joints

Lucky gummy bears with cannabis

Legion of bloom vape pen

Extra plus 420 products for the lucky members