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10 Cannabis Products, 8 Fun Events And A New Album To Celebrate 4/20


April 20 is, for many, the happiest day of the year.

It’s said the celebration derives from a tradition of smoking cannabis at 4:20 p.m., originated in a high school in San Rafael, California, and spread all over the world by the Grateful Dead.


Nowadays, people from all corners of the globe celebrate the date by gathering and smoking marijuana on April 20. As cannabis consumers became more sophisticated, so has the festivity. It’s no longer just about burning blunts, but also about education, medication, exploration and community.


Here are 10 cool products and eight fun marijuana events to celebrate. Lucky Box is on the list.

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“Turning 420 From A Stoner Celebration To One Of Wellness


As April 20th nears, stoners everywhere are preparing for a day of celebration, especially those in states where marijuana legalization is already a reality. With all the focus on getting high, there’s another way to celebrate the holiday, by getting well. CBD health and wellness products are legal across the country, and they are growing in popularity. These new products are the perfect way for everyone to celebrate, regardless of their state’s recreational marijuana laws.

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This Curated Weed Delivery Service Takes the Guesswork Out of Getting High


Today, we consider time to be one of our most important assets, which explains the explosion in the popularity of meal delivery services. We want delicious, home-cooked meals, but we don’t want to take the time to do the research or pick up the right groceries. So why should getting your weed be any different? That’s the idea behind a new California start-up called Lucky Box Club. It’s a hand-crafted, farm-to-lung experience.

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I Tried a Cannabis-Infused Yoga Class, and It Was F*cking Amazing


There are endless ways to incorporate cannabis into your wellness routine, and one area that may not naturally come to mind is yoga. But if you think about it, cannabis and yoga actually make the perfect pair. Relaxed, present, and happy are just some of the positive side effects of smoking weed, while yoga touches on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Once you pair them together, you get the ultimate practice. I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a cannabis-infused yoga class in San Francisco called Bend and Blaze, which was hosted by Lucky Box Club cofounder Eliza Maroney — and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to sober yoga again.

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Feel Good Friday: Lucky Box Club’s Flowers And Extracts


Looking for the best so you can leave the rest? We get it. Here at LBC, we enjoy the finer things in life – especially fine cannabis. This week’s haul is filled with some of our top-shelf favorite cannabis flowers & extracts.

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” The Top Six CBD Subscription Boxes”


Cannabidiol, the medically valuable, non-psychoactive cannabinoid in hemp, is becoming madly popular. The market for CBD products is simply booming. In the United States alone, people spent at least $130 million just in 2016. According to Forbes, CBD will likely become a $2.1 billion industry by 2020, as more anecdotal evidence shows it alleviating pain, diabetes, epilepsy and anxiety, to name but a few.

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” Healthy Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Kind of Mom


The Wellness Box ($119 per month) is a new monthly CBD-based cannabis subscription box. It contains eight new CBD-only products (read: for the mom who doesn’t want to get high but wants to improve her skin, ease pain, and enjoy CBD’s other benefits. Even better, it’s available for shipment throughout the United States.

Featured on Popsugar

Edible Sacramento
“ARTISANAL EDIBLES – Craft-brand cannabis treats delivered monthly.”


Edibles have come a long way since the decades-old pot brownie, which is good news for those who are curious about cannabis but aren’t fans of smoking or vaping. For many first-time adult users, ingesting cannabis is a more approachable way to slowly and safely ease into the process.


At adult-use and medical retailers alike, the variety of edibles available includes tropical-flavored lollipops; bear- and fruit-shaped gummies; chocolates and chews; and dissolving cannabis powder to sprinkle in beverages or on top of food. And, yes, brownies are making a comeback. But to avoid the lines at dispensaries, some patients are turning to a new cannabis subscription service called Lucky Box Club, a monthly, membership-based delivery alternative operating out of Sacramento.

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“Cannabis Gifts For Valentine’s Day”



Forget flowers and candy, your Valentine really wants cannabis this year. Fortunately for you, there’s a variety of lovely items to make Valentine’s Day extra special this year. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Lucky Box Club offers monthly subscriptions that cater to all your cannabis desires. The Lucky Box is delivered with edibles, topicals, flowers, and extracts. Or try the CBD Wellness Box that features bath bombs and chocolates—almost everything you need to make Valentine’s Day complete. You can find them both at

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“Lucky Box’s monthly subscription service curates an ever-expanding selection of goods.”


This week, MG Retailer (News for Cannabis Professionals), interviewed Lucky Box Club co-founder Eliza Maroney. In the interview, she explains about the curation process and how it relates to the importance of understanding both the product that you are selling and the people who you are selling to.


In the article, Cachapero (interviewer) compares Lucky Box Club to a number of popular delivery and curation services such as Blue Apron, Stitch Fix and, Dollar Shave Club.


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“Lucky Box is the fastest way to get your favorite products in one delivery”


When Forbes Magazine created listed the best Valentines Day gifts for cannabis lovers they made sure to add a Lucky Box Club subscription alongside gold plated grinders and million dollar bongs.


“Lucky Box Club is a monthly cannabis delivery subscription box created to cater to your every cannabis need. Offering many of the most sought-after cannabis brands like Lowell Smokes and Lola Lola, Lucky Box is the fastest way to get your favorite products in one delivery. Featuring three collections: Classic, Flower, and Executive, each box comes with an assortment of premium cannabis along with cannabis-inspired goodies like art, music and apparel discounts.”


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“The 60th Grammy Awards Gift Bag Is Full of Food Items”


Meeting the stars and getting Lucky Box Club’s CBD Wellness Box


Going backstage at this year’s Grammys would not only allow you to be mingling with the latest and greatest popstars in the world, you’d also likely be getting one of the coveted gift bags being handed out at this year’s 60th iteration of the music world’s biggest celebration. Lucky Box Club’s CBD Wellness Box was one of the many gifts the stars were given at this year’s Grammy Awards.


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“Grammy Awards $30,000 gift bags are full of snacks”

Everybody loves a good swag bag


Whether or not nominees of the music industry’s best and brightest will be leaving the 6oth annual Grammy Awards on Jan. 28 with a golden gramophone in their arms, one prize is guaranteed for all: a massive goody bag, laden with treats and merchandise. For this years’ Grammys’ the stars on the red carpet was given the CBD Wellness Box from Lucky Box Club.


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“This year’s Grammys Gift Bag Worth Over $30,000”


Lucky Box Club’s CBD Wellness Box was featured in this year’s Grammy’s


Just in case posing on the red carpet at the Grammys on Sunday isn’t glamorous enough, the celebrities who present and perform at this year’s awards also get a chance to go home with tens of thousands of dollars worth of swag thanks to the Grammys’ on-site gift lounge. Lucky Box Club’s CBD Wellness box were among the gift given out to stars.


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“Best Subscription Box”

Lucky Box Club was chosen as the Best Cannabis Subscription box in 2017.


Most likely, you can’t afford to hire a personal shopper to track down the best cannabis products in the state and deliver them directly to your door. So let Lucky Box do the leg work by signing up for their premium monthly subscription box. A short survey helps them tailor their offerings to your exact needs, and they work only with premium brands, so you’ll always feel lucky when the box arrives.


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“Cannabis Santa’s Christmas Gifts 2017”

Borrowing from a proven marketing strategy in traditional merchandise, subscription-based Lucky Box delivers an assortment of hand selected cannabis products for $150 each month. The company’s experts hand-pick from a selection of both top and emerging cannabis brands like Legion of Bloom, Fruitslabs, and Cannaderm as well as other fast growing amazing brands like Roots Ranch Rosin, Chateau Cannabis Co., Tok Concentrates, and others.


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“The Well + Away Holiday Gift Guide 2017”

This week we were featured in the “Holiday Gift Guide” written by Well And Away.


They write, “If you really want to surprise someone with some high brow cannabis gifting, Lucky Box Club’s customizable monthly box delivers a curated set of THC and CBD edibles, topicals and flowers from indie vendor partners. A clever new customer flow lets you choose whether you’re into a variety, just edibles or anything in between, as well as how much product you want hitting the doorstep each month.”


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“One-Stop Shop Gift Guide: Bay Area Gifts for Every Budget”

The now famous Lucky Box was featured by 7×7 this November with they wrote about the “Best Bay Area Gifts For Every Budget”.


They say;


Featuring a curated round-up of premium, featured flower, extract, edible, and topical products, all delivered to your doorstep in a crush-proof, waterproof and child-proof Pelican Case. Set also includes a laser-engraved wooden cigar box and luggage lock. // $250,


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“From Pot Dust to Fancy Joints, These Marijuana Products Will Lift Your Spirits”

Much like a customizable produce box that can be built online and delivered to your doorstep each week, Lucky Box provides a curated selection of cannabis goods for those who don’t want to hit a dispensary. The two-tiered program offers a “Classic” membership for a monthly fee of $150 and an “Executive” one for $250. Each level of membership buys a delivery once a month that comes with anywhere from two to eight items, depending on which type of access you choose.


Upon joining, new members indicate preferences such as method of consumption — for example, edibles or tinctures — and their box will be filled with fitting products. Lucky Box sources from a variety of California companies and offers cannabis flower, edibles, oils and topicals. Boxes also typically contain bonus items such as “cannabis-inspired” art and music. Currently only available for delivery within 100 miles of Sacramento, San Francisco and San Jose, Lucky Box will be touching down in Los Angeles and the greater Southern California area in early 2018.


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Lucky Box Club was featured as “The Art Of Surprise” in the August issue of The Emerald Magazine. They explain the box as “The perfect gift for a cannabis connoisseur or anyone wanting to dabble in the world of clean, green, holistic healing.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!


“Cameo of Lucky Box Club at the first annual cannabis wedding expo in San Francisco”


Eliza shows off cannabis buds at the Cannabis Wedding Expo in San Francisco, California


The Cannifornian was there to learn more about the new cannabis entrepreneurs who cater to weddings


“If you really want to treat your guests, display a variety of cannabis goods from mini vapes to medicated fruit leathers that they can choose from”


Lucky Box Club

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