AbsoluteXtracts Vape Pens, Soft Gels, Honey Straws, Sprays and more

AbsoluteXtracts (Also Known As ABX) Is A Popular Brand Based In Northern California That Manufactures Pure, Potent, And Safe Cannabis Concentrates. 

The company offers the highest THC potency at affordable pricing. All their products are made from strain-specific, 100% pure cannabis oil that is extracted from organic cannabis. AbsoluteXtracts is best known for their premium quality vape pen cartridges.

Manufacturing Process

All products by AbsoluteXtracts are lab tested for CBD and THC, terpene profile, absence of molds, absence of pesticides, and absence of bacteria. AbsoluteXtracts only uses sun-grown, strain-specific cannabis that is sourced directly from their farms in California. Unlike most other cannabis products, the products of ABX contain high quality cannabis oil that is extracted via supercritical CO2 methods instead of chemical solvents. ABX uses extremely low temperatures and high-pressure carbon dioxide to preserve, isolate, and maintain the medicinal oil’s purity. ABX uses several methods, including a slower heating process, to increase and improve terpenes.


AbsoluteXtracts manufactures all kinds of cannabis concentrate products like vape pens, soft gels, honey straws, sprays, and more.

AbsoluteXtracts Vape Pen is a portable vaporizer pen that is supplemented by a wide range of vaporizer cartridges you can purchase. The organic oil used in each cartridge is free from preservatives and additives. So, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting only high-quality and lab tested cannabis.

Pen Cartridges of ABX are pre-loaded with 100% CO2 oil and contain some of the highest THC concentrations. Apart from this, each cartridge is made with superior plastic and metal, making it less prone to leaking as compared to other brands. The cartridges are available in eighteen distinct strains.

AbsoluteXtracts also manufactures Soft Gel Capsules. These gel capsules are a perfect remedy if you are on the go or don’t like vaping, smoking, or extra calories. Soft Gel Capsules also include delicious organic coconut oil that improves absorption and allows your body to harness their full effect.

ABX 100% Cannabis Oil is available in sativa and Indica. These syringes are easy to squeeze so you can get an exact dosage without worrying about under or over medicating. Unlike the vape cartridges, ABX 100% Cannabis Oil is best utilized for baking, cooking, dabbing, and applying topically on any unsightly sores, cuts, or bruises.

ABX’s line of sublingual sprays is great, fast acting, and powerful for on-the-go medicating.

Available Sizes/Doses And Pricing

Products by AbsoluteXtracts very in pricing. The vape pen retails for $20-30 and 500 mg cartridges are available at around $35-65. The pricing varies based on the strain used. Each bottle of soft gel capsules contains 24 capsules that are available in 10 mg, 25 mg, and 50 mg THC doses. A 10 mg dose costs around $50, a 25 mg dose is around $70, and 50 mg dose is around $100. AbsoluteXtracts Cannabis oil syringes contain 500 mg of pure cannabis oil and retails for around $25-30. ABX also has sublingual spray that comes in a 5 mL bottle that is around $20 and a 15 mL bottles that is around $40.

Where to Buy?

Currently, ABX products are available in Lucky Box subscription box.