Lowell Farms Cannabis Products

Officially Known As Lowell Herb Co, Lowell Farms Is One Of The Most Talked About And Influential Cannabis Brands In California. This Southern California Based Company Is Known For Its Award-Winning Pre-Rolled Packs. 

The brand has received quite a lot of media attention for its Valentine’s Day Cannabis Bouquet and Coachella Cannabis Flower Crown. Lowell Farms has amassed an A-list following that includes Snoop Dogg, Calvin Harris, and Bella Thorne.

Manufacturing Process

The cultivation practices of Lowell Farms are unparalleled. This due to the relationship among their family of farmers. Lowell Farms pays a living wage to all farmers, which encourages loyalty, passion, and collaboration. The company’s unmatched cultivation practices are outlined on the packaging. Lowell Farms grows all cannabis flower naturally with organic fertilizer, under the California sun. All the materials are natural from seed to sale, so you don’t need to worry about any synthetic additives. Lowell Farm products are environmentally friendly, pesticide-free, and lab tested. This brand has unique herb and aesthetically pleasing packaging.  


Lowell Farms manufactures four cannabis products: pre-roll packs, individual smokes, flowers, and bouquets.

Pre-roll packs by Lowell Farms are ideal for those who don’t want to roll a joint or pack a bowl. The packaging is top-notch and features great detail. Each cardboard pack comes labeled and embossed with growing practices, THC percentage, genetics, as well as Lowell’s brand story and pledge. Pre-roll packs come in Indica, sativa, and hybrid options.

Lowell Farms’ individual smokes come in resealable, convenient, and recyclable cardboard tube. Individual smokes are one-gram, offer smooth smoking experience, and robust flavor. Most individual smokes come packed unevenly, which results in jagged smoke that can ruin your experience and waste weed. That is not the case with Lowell Farms’ individual smokes as they are evenly packed and have potent cannabis.

Lowell Farms offers cannabis flowers that grow using natural methods. They are ideal for those who want to roll their own blunt. The cannabis flowers of Lowell Farms adhere to the same standards as their other cannabis products. The strain options vary from time to time, so you can expect to enjoy the best seasonal assortments.

Lowell Farms makes gorgeous bouquets that are made of beautiful wildflowers, greenery, and one ounce of their premium quality cannabis. The bouquets are artfully presented and will make anyone feel special. 

Available Sizes And Pricing

Pre-roll packs are available in 7 or 14 joints. Each pack contains a half gram cannabis. The pre-roll pack of 7 joints is available in the $40-50 range while the larger 14 joints pack is available in the $60-80 range. When it comes to individual smokes, each joint is available for around $10-12. Lowell Farm’s flowers come in 3.5-gram glass jars. A jar is available at $35-50 range. Bouquets don’t have a fixed price because they are sold on an individual basis.