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Spark, smoke, and get lucky with our St. Patty’s Collection! Brimming with delightful cannabis treasures from all around the Golden State (like Lowell Farms, Super Mellows, Ganja Gold, and more), celebrate this special day with magic and more for only $99 (pre-tax)!

Lowell Farms ‘Mendo Breath’ Preroll

Smoking top-shelf flowers counts as wearing green – right? From renowned organic cannabis company, Lowell Farms, Mendo Breath is a potent indica strain crossed from OGKB and Mendo Montage. Its creamy vanilla-caramel aroma is the perfect prelude to its euphoric high which quickly relieves body pain, tension, and insomnia. Make sure you don’t have anything urgent on your agenda with this strain – it’s a knockout! 

Ganja Gold King Tarantula

Now this is the kind of gold we’d want to find at the end of the rainbow! Packed with two grams of the top 1% of artisanal indoor-grown flowers in a RAW natural hemp cone, dipped in live resin ‘Tarantula’ oil and dusted with a hash/kief blend, it’s no wonder why King Tarantulas are notorious for being a one-hit-wonder for even the most experienced smokers.

Pacific Stone ‘Forbidden Fruit’ All-in-One Vaporizer

Pacific Stone’s new vaporizers aren’t only sleek (and rechargeable), they’re filled with their signature terpene-rich and additive-free cured resin sauce, so you can trust that you’re only toking on pure, premium cannabis extract. ‘Forbidden Fruit’ is the mouthwatering love child of berry-forward Cherry Pie and tropical Tangie, creating a pleasantly mellow indica that calms the nerves and soothes any pesky body aches.

Need a bit of merriment in a dash? Just Chil out! Chil Mixers are fast-acting all-natural beverage packs with an effect onset typically within 15-20 minutes. Whether you mix it into your favorite drink or pour directly onto your tongue, these delicious and discreet packs will definitely have you feeling lucky.
Though it may be wee, this treat packs a punch! Infused with one-hundred milligrams of Red Congolese extract, this dual-flavored Supermellow features warm, nutty brown butter sage on one side and smoky vanilla on the other creating an outstanding epicurean experience. Enjoy alone or toasted atop your preferred warm beverage or food. It’s also gluten-free!

Cannabolish Odor-Removing Spray

Erase all traces of St. Patty’s Day mis-chief with Cannabolish! With nearly 30 years of research & success, Cannabolish is the ultimate choice for environmentally-safe odor control. While most air-freshening products superficially mask odors with toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chemical compounds, Cannabolish is formulated from child & pet-safe natural plant oils and water so you can safely spritz as you please.

These products aren’t the only treasures awaiting you in the St. Patty’s Day Collection – you’ll also receive a link to our special Collection playlist to enhance your experience among other bits of magic you’ve always come to expect from Lucky Box Club.

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