Weekenders Prerolls

The Perfect Preroll for Weekend Warriors

Weekend warriors, rejoice — the preroll of your dreams has arrived! Weekenders Prerolls are the perfect smoke for any and all adventures ahead. Filled with all-natural, sungrown cannabis grown in Humboldt County, Weekenders are carefully blended with synergistic amounts of both potent THC & healing CBD to get you “just the right amount of high” while remaining functional. 

Popular with cannabis newbies or those with a low tolerance, Weekenders’ Play is ideal for fueling creativity, playfulness & energy. While this preroll is sativa-forward, the CBD flower blended in cuts the anxiety that sativa strains can often bring. Perfect for social gatherings, running errands and simply getting ish done. 

Seasoned stoners love Wedding Cake (in this case, the strain) for its euphoric high and delicious flavor, but this indica-hybrid’s notoriously high THC content can be too much for some. Weekenders’ ‘Drift’ preroll keep the buzz manageable by blending Wedding Cake with their proprietary CBD  -rich ‘Shakti’ into a balanced 4:1 THC:CBD experience. Drift is perfect for a chill smoke sesh with your friends or when you want to relax without falling asleep.