2020 Winter Collection Zine: Meet Mellows, The Edible You Never New You Needed

When we first heard about an infused marshmallow, we were over the moon!  After all, who wouldn’t love a campfire-friendly edible?  It was only after we took a cooking class with Mellows founder Stephanie Hua that we learned there is more to the ‘mallow than just S’mores.

These micro-dosed, bite-sized squares are perfect for the casual consumer (or amateur chef) looking to float on cloud nine while still holding down the holiday kitchen.  At only 5mg each, you can still be the life of the party while eating more than just one (and, in case you’re looking for something stronger, the company also recently released a 100mg “Super Mellow”). One thing was clear…

These ooey gooey bites of deliciousness are not the marshmallows of your childhood. 

Mellows are artisanal, craft marshmallows that take your holiday game to the next level.  We loved the Brown Butter Sage flavor that is as decadent as it sounds. These earthy yet sweet treats are the perfect add-on to any dish and add a special note of magically-infused goodness. 

But don’t take our word for it. Use the recipe on the next page to make your own infused-latte. Ahhh… Winter just got sweeter!