‘La Dolce Vita’ Summer Collection: Raw Garden ‘Dulce Fuego’ Live Resin

A true dabber’s delight, Raw Garden’s Dulce Fuego is exactly that…straight fire! This robust live resin has essences of cherry and diesel flavors, delightfully intertwined for a truly sweet experience. As with any live sauce, Dulce Fuego can be used outright in a dab rig or drizzled on a joint or bowl for a major upgrade to your favorite flower.

Nestled in the lush hills of Santa Barbara, Raw Garden is one of the Golden State’s largest and most well-known cultivars. Their dedication to not only creating the purest and finest extracts on the market, their commitment to operating using environmentally-sound practices truly sets them apart.

Get lit with Raw Garden in the ‘La Dolce Vita’ Summer Collection or a la carte on our menu!