‘La Dolce Vita’ Summer Collection: Mammamia Capri Cake Bites

Mamma mia, these sweet treats are divine! Baked in small batches, Mammamia’s Cacao and Lemon cake bites are as delectable as the high that they offer. These sweet treats are modeled after the island of Capri’s traditional desserts, the Torta Bianca and Torta Caprese. We can honestly say, these are one of the fanciest edibles we’ve had to date!

The mastermind behind Mammamia, Chef Simone D’Antonio, dreamed up this delicious confectionary concept upon his first edible experience here in California. Sensing the need for ‘an Italian touch’, Chef Simone created Mammamia to introduce the market to Italy’s simple yet distinct flavor profiles.

Take a bite of Mammamia in the ‘La Dolce Vita’ Summer Collection or a la carte on our menu!