Marijuana Clothing 2018


Weed has come a long way over the last few years. What used to be a symbol of laziness and alienation is today a sign of peace, love, creativity and, community.  And as the love for cannabis spreads over the world we are starting to see a clear 420 trend in modern day clothing. Marijuana-themed attire has expanded and we’re left with an unmeasurable amount of choices of style. When it comes to fashion we can pick to represent our love for Mary Jane.

We’ve decided to bring our favorite brands, from fashionable trends to useful clothing, into our list. These are the sickest marijuana clothing brands available right now. So teenage hipsters beware, Supreme bogo hoodie not included.


For stoners, by stoners

This brand has everything weed-lovers desire. From shirts and socks to hoodies and flip-flops, all following a very distinct style that includes trippy visuals and pop culture references. What really makes this brand special, though, is that it offers seasonal, weed-related clothing. Want to celebrate Christmas with a really cool weed t-shirt? StonerDays has your back. What about Halloween? Yep, that too. And it’s even organized in categories so you can be sure to quickly find what you are looking for on their official website. 

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Weed clothing and cannabis hoodies

The Higher Shop demonstrates how good weed can look on clothes. Bringing many different designs and colors, this brand is worth adding to your wardrobe. Although it’s main focus is marijuana, The Higher Shop offers a great amount of pop culture references and mixing them with weed, and also provide a noticeable amount of categories that range from Anime clothing to Chill/Hippie attire, thus providing a collection that everyone should check out at their website.

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Psychedelic designs

From Ganja Galaxy hoodies to happy little buds on your tank top, Into the AM offers some of the trippiest designs out there. Their clothing contains a wide range of psychedelic apparel consisting of T-shirts, joggers, and hoodies. This brand is a must-have for every cannabis aficionado out there. If you’re looking for something colorful to add to your closet, you should check out the apparel in their e-store.

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Live the Rasta and Reggae vibes

The connection between weed, Rasta and Reggae is undeniable and RastaEmpire brings that connection to life with their sick merch. Here you will find comfortable clothing with tons of references to Marijuana, Bob Marley, and Rasta vibes.This culture filled clothing brand sells great stoner apparel while providing large amount of accessories such as bandanas and even stash jars. If you are a lover of the culture behind weed, you need to check out RastaEmpire’s collection on their website.

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Wearable pipes

Have you ever bit the strings of your hoodie wishing it was a pipe? Hood Horkerz did and it formed the foundation of their company. This brand provides the world with hoodies that have strings that work as pipes. One string works as the bowl, and the other works as a mouthpiece. Wear this, and you’ll be bringing a pipe with you wherever you go. Their hoodies come in a variety of colors too. If you’re in need of an outfit for Casual Friday in the office, check out their store.

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Discreet vaping

From backpacks to T-shirt-hoodies, Vaprwear provides a discreet way of taking your love for vaping everywhere. Their products are a combination of fashion and smart design, allowing you to discretely have an innovative pipe with you at all times. Vaprwear also provides a customization option, allowing you to use your own logo in their products. The amount of different options to choose from makes this collection worthy a spot on our 2018 marijuana clothing list. Check it out at their website.

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Clothing with rolling surfaces

This brand is for those who prefer to roll joints. Rolla Wear provides a rolling surface on all their merchandise and even has hoodies that come with a stash pocket inside the hood and roach clips at the end of their strings. Some of their clothing has weed references, for those who are stoners loud and proud, but Rolla Wear also provides plain shirts and hoodies, allowing rollers to be incognito. Their collection also offers a variety of useful smoking accessories, such as a scale phone case or controller clips to get lit while you play video games. All of this can be found in their official online store.

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