Exclusive Cannabis Lifestyles of the Lit and Famous


IG feeds are full of celebs lighting up in every Gucci, Givenchy, and G5 you can think of, but do you know where the best cannabis lifestyles are found? Lucky Box Club takes you to the latest swag and brag around the world in 80 dabs or less to find out…

Cannabis Cruises and Weed Weddings are now a thing. Yep, cannabis specialty offerings will have your bowtie and bikini blinging from flower to flower this Summer and Fall 2017 season. From the BHANG! of the Caribbean cannabis cruises to the 420 Friendly Alaskan trips, gateways to adventure are being shipped to shore at almost every American port now with many more excursions due to set sail soon. But before you book that Honeymoon HIGH-seas adventure, make sure your big day souvenirs won’t go stale in the hall closet and chose boutonnieres or bouquets that even the best of blunts would blush over from cannabis wedding specialists Love and Marij or CannaBride. No matter where your cannabis choices are heading lately, most of the new cannabis industries offer guest exposure as a brand influencer for sharing your travel and wedding tips with potential customers, so if your goal is IG-fame, then get into the custom cannabis movement and share your story with the world too!

Weddings and Weed cruises are not all that has popped up in the lifestyle movement lately, making a statement with cannabis has moved into the high-end, luxury industry now too. Most IG feeds will keep your mad skills at their peak through showcasing exclusive pieces such as the $3600 cannabis cigars offered by the luxury retailer, Diego Pellicer, or maybe the 24-carat gold grinder by Phoenician Engineering will shake your wallet the right way? If you are way more into just sitting back and taking in the luxury cannabis lifestyle via your smart device, watching 2 Chainz’s Most Expensivest gold joint will burn it for you while you imagine your bong is a $100k gold-encrusted gorgeousness of glass by famed artist, Scott Deppe. No matter what your luxury cannabis flavor is, there is guaranteed to be a maker, baker, or broadcaster willing to supply you pot luxury on a silver plate smart device now.

A-list investors, models, actors and partakers are flocking to Marijuana Mansions, sensory experience Pot parties, Upper East Side HIGH-Tea parties or jet-setting around the world to score the best cannabis a multimillionaire could find. Influentials are now attracted to the glitz and glamour of the green, and not just the dollar bill kind anymore. The latest Who’s Who in Cannabis culture reads like an IMDB database, with no means of stopping soon. So, no matter your choice in smoke, spread, sip, dab or snack, every cannabis consumer is in good company from Wall Street bankers to celebrities, athletes and everyone else in-between.

And if your lifestyle is seeking some new inspiration, then let our Lucky Box cannabis specialists help you drop the dispensary, and receive exclusive cannabis products delivered right to your doorstep! Talk about Premium delivery. Prime has nothing on what we offer our customers, full-effect, when it comes to your smoking, rolling, snacking or luxury cannabis choices.