Terpenes and Sex

Terpenes & Sex

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s get to the basics – what exactly are terpenes? In short, terpenes are the aromatic compounds produced in many plants that create their characteristic scent, like lemon, pine, and of course, cannabis. These compounds also produce an array of effects on the body that can energize, calm, and much more. As for cannabis, knowing which terpenes a strain provides and its effects can greatly improve your experiences with cannabis and achieving the effects you desire.

Now, let’s talk about sex! It’s not news that cannabis can spice up your sex life, but did you know that certain terpenes are better suited for sexy time than others? 

A common complaint when it comes to one’s sex life is a loss of interest, performance anxiety, or lack of enjoyment when in the moment. This is often due to stress, anxiety, depression, and even certain medications affecting the libido which can be tough to work through. As sex is meant to be pleasurable, fun, and a way to connect in intimate relationships, this dysfunction can exacerbate the issue and lead to even more problems down the road.

Cannabis and terpene education helps you work through these problems so you can feel relaxed, blissed out, and ready to enjoy sex again. Therefore, consciously choosing cananbis strains and products containing terpenes that encourage these feelings is key when you want to introduce weed into the bedroom.

So, what are the best terpenes for sex? Studies suggest limonene and linalool are ideal for getting frisky for their own respective reasons. 

Limonene is the second most common terpene found in nature and the third most common for cannabis, easily identified by its fresh, citrusy notes that give citrus fruits and most sativa strains their aroma. From helping to fight depression and anxiety to naturally increasing energy, this terpene is perfect to lift your mood. For sex, limonene can help give you that euphoric, laid-back, playful feeling that makes or breaks a sexy session.

Limonene-forward strains: Super Lemon Haze, Durban Poison

Linalool is another naturally common terpene found in over 200 types of plants, most noted by its spicy, floral aroma that gives lavender its signature scent. Unsurprisingly, this terpene is mostly used for relaxation and stress relief which is why many “calming” products contain lavender essential oil. Linalool is shown to have great effects on those suffering from anxiety or depression, therefore strains heavy in linalool are ideal for anyone who may need help chilling out. Indulge wisely, though – too much can cause drowsiness!

Linalool-forward strains: Lavender Kush, Do-Si-Dos, Zkittles

Now that we’ve covered the terpenes that can improve your sex life, we should probably talk about the terpenes to avoid. Myrcene tops the list here due to its heavily sedative qualities which aren’t conducive to a satisfactory romp, so we suggest blazing a myrcene-forward strain after sex so you can get double the relief for a great night’s sleep. Indicas tend to have greater concentrations of myrcene (anything above .5% myrcene can qualify as an indica), so though you may think smoking a heavy indica might help the mood, it’s best to save the purp for later.

If smoking or vaping/dabbing isn’t your jam, no worries – the cannabis industry is full of innovative products that can improve your sex life. There are low-dose edibles that enhance the sensory experience without getting too lifted, infused topicals like massage oils and lubes that can be used beforehand to ease any bodily tension or directly relax vaginal and anal muscles for more pleasurable play.

Lucky Box Club carries many strains and products that aid in sexual health and enjoyment, so be sure to check out our menu and find your new favorite bedroom bud!