Cannabis Delivery


From dope to doorstep, weed delivery is pushing new exposure limits from coast to coast, and while some states have taken dope delivery to the next level, many states are still avoiding it all together, keeping the ganja on the down-low go, and opening up inventive delivery services. So, it’s time to keep up with the courier, and speed through the best on-demand cannabis money (or talent) you can find in 2017!

“There’s an app for that” indeed when anything you could possibly want, (outside of illegal items) is just a MAGIC text away, 24/7, anywhere in the country, including cannabis to your door. The MAGIC app has already been tried and tested by WIRED for their canna-use, and passed the test with flying colors…. talk about a WIRED weed and as millennials are dominating online cannabis sales, on-demand weed apps could be just what the doctor ordered.

If you’re a tech-nut, drone prescription delivery could soon be a thing! Introducing the drone app QuiQui out of San Francisco, an app that might not have medical marijuana in its prescription pool yet, but when CA goes recreational next year, who knows? Drone Dope might be the next buzzing you hear on your horizon.

Talk about a long trip… this might not be the delivery that you will want to wait for, but a stash of 2,700-year-old cannabis was found in the Yanghai Tombs near Turpan, China next to a mummy, specifically prepped for his afterlife. If this delivery does anything, it puts your one-hour wait-time into perspective a little.

If any of this sounds super legit, it would be the Uber Weed delivery app, Eaze, that sports investors like Snoop Dogg. It might not be the dopest delivery out there but you never know, maybe you might just find a ride rolling up your driveway with Martha Stewart behind the wheel during next seasons POTluck Dinner Party?!

A quick Google will offer you ample articles about jet-setters whisking their friends’ Aspen stash to NYC on board their G5, or Dope Girls bringing a female-based delivery up the coastline or a cannabis car owner that could be the next (outrageously expensive) home delivery? No matter the delivery mechanism, courier, or selection, we at Lucky Box Club know that the hassle of the dope delivery system might be funny to read about, but not funny to get to your stoop. And while the ride might be ready for Jay Leno’s garage, the actual trek to the dispensary might be a real bummer. So, let our cannabis advisors select your deliverables and bring the delivery right to your doorstep every time; easily, effortlessly, and always with magic in this box!