Extract Education 101

With so many different types of cannabis extracts in the market, many new consumers don’t quite understand the differences between them and oftentimes report being intimidated or confused by so many options. As one of California’s leading cannabis subscription and delivery services, we thought we’d give a bit of Extract Education 101 for some of the extracts you might run into out there. So, get your rigs ready and let’s blaze through this crash course, shall we?

A general term that broadly refers to a concentrated cannabis product that extracts compounds and cannabinoids from plant material into a variety of forms and consistencies.

A general term for extracts that take on a soft consistency, similar to candle wax.

A whipped wax extract, making it more viscous, gooey and malleable.

Live Resin
Extracts made using frozen, fresh plant material resulting in excellent aroma and flavor profiles.

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A refined oil, often free of smell or flavor, that is used as the base in many edibles and vape cartridges.

A dried oil that takes on a crumbly, honeycomb-like texture and can be easily broken apart.

Bubble/Ice Water Hash
Created using water, ice and mesh to extract whole trichomes into a paste-like consistency.

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A solvent-less extract that utilizes heat and pressure to concentrate cannabis.

Extracts that are refined in a vacuum and take on a flat, transparent, glass-like consistency.

Now that you’re basically an extract expert, you can request your next Lucky Box to be packed full of exciting extracts like the ones above and more, delivered directly to your door!

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We take great pride in providing our members the best products the Golden State has to offer and informing the canna-curious on the big, beautiful world of cannabis. We hope you found this quick run-through to be useful. Happy dabbing!

The LBC Crew
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