2020 Winter Collection Zine: Meet The Accessories

Z’s Life Luxury Papers

For the sophisticated smoker,  Z’s Life Papers are created from European flax fibers extracted from the plant’s stem. These additive-free papers burn slowly and smoothly, enhancing your smoking experience while honoring your flower’s terpene profile. Each booklet includes fifty ultra-thin flax papers and perforated filters, tucked snugly in a chic designer pack with a magnetic clasp.

Cannabolish Spray

With nearly 30 years of research & success, Cannabolish is the ultimate choice for environmentally-safe odor control. While most air-freshener products superficially mask odors with toxic volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and chemical compounds, Cannabolish is formulated from child & pet-safe natural plant oils and water. This formula has been perfected to effectively remove offensive odors as often as you like. A perfect accompaniment to your holiday smoke sesh.