The Best New Cannabis Products of 2018


It was only a few years ago that the cannabis industry seemed to dedicate itself almost entirely to the leaf and was forced to operate in and out of the shadows. But with more and more U.S. states legalizing both medicinal and recreational cannabis, innovative ideas have gone way beyond the power of the flower. We’re not just talking about new cannabis products – edibles, skin creams, and vapes, for example – but new cannabis experiences, travel destinations, services, technology and more. From weed delivery, or weed boxes, in California to curated cannabis units in Colorado, 2018 has been a great year so far for cannabis innovation. 

So, without wasting not a single second more, the following are the best new cannabis products taking the industry to new highs in 2018…


This awesome cannabis gadget is just incredible. Designed by a company in Israel, Seedo is a fully-automated home-grow unit, designed to help novice growers cultivate their own plants. With Seedo’s help, you can select a range of strains to plant and grow. Seedo will automatically feed your plant the right kind and amount of nutrients, bathe it in the lighting it requires, and make sure it gets enough water to flourish. And if that wasn’t enough, as soon as it’s time to harvest, the Seedo cellphone app will send you a handy reminder message. Soooooo cool!


Towards the end of last year, the craft beer company, Lagunitas Brewing, decided they’d knuckle down to create a terpene-infused IPA brew, called SuperCritical, and tantalize the taste buds of beer drinks who have a soft-spot for cannabis. It’s made from Washington and Yakima- sourced hops and promises to help those who drink it in a variety of ways, in particular by relieving stress and improving sleep. As the terpenes in cannabis are what determine the plant’s specific taste and smell, this cannabis-infused brew is 


Anyone who uses cannabis for medicinal purposes, particularly to relieve pain, is bound to be interested in the innovative development, dubbed the Aero Inhaler, made by Quest Aerosols. It’s a THC-infused inhaler that delivers reliable doses of terpene-rich THC, making it super easy and comfortable for those suffering from a long-term condition to use. It’s a handheld device and kicks out pure cannabis distillate. Just breathe it in, baby!


If you live in California and you want to get your cannabis delivered, then get in touch with C.R.A.F.T(Citizens Research Alliance for Therapeutics). These guys are all about cultivating high-potency, intensely flavored, indoor-grown, clean, green-certified flowers, including Sour Girl, Tahoe Chem, and Blueberry OG. They’ve been growing cannabis for the past twenty years and they’re responsible for the quickest, most-reliable, and coolest delivery service out there.


Without a doubt, hands down, Défoncé Chocolatier wins the race for best sweet-toothed cannabis edible. Dressed in glam packaging, the 53, 66 or 88% cacao chocolate (made from Fair Trade chocolate and a cannabis oil that comes from a sungrown, single-origin biodynamic produce) is unbelievably good, and there’s 180mg of THC in every bar. It’s a tough one to beat! You’ve also got to love the fact that you can choose between a range of flavors, including vanilla, coffee, mint and hazelnut.


When it comes to cannabis apps, Weedmaps wins from every angle. With the most comprehensive list of cannabis-related businesses, products and services, Weedmaps is available on both Android and iOS phones. Users are active and leave tons of photos, info and reviews so that newcomers can get easily acquainted with what’s going on and what’s available in the cannabis community. As a heads up, one of the app’s best features are the videos tours you can take of the dispensaries that are listed. Cool, right?


Doctor Andrew Kerklaan is a Canadian doctor who has developed a range of cannabis skincare products that provide rain relief and soothing sensations. In fact, there are four specific product categories to choose from: pain, PMS, sleep, and skin. The entire cannabis plant is used to make the products and it’s taken 20 years of biochemist research to get the product line out onto the market.


The final innovation that we want to highlight on this list is the Passion Dose Pen by dosist. Ok. So, yes. There are a lot of vapes out there, but we like this one. It’s so simple and understated, and there aren’t any on-off buttons to press, or things to load, or parts to clean. Each time you inhale, the Passion Dose Pen automatically delivers a precise dose of specific cannabis ingredients, which have been carefully put together to heighten… wait for it… sensuality :-). It’s cute, sexy and so incredibly cutting-edge. If you’re going to vape, then vape for sensual pleasure!

Got a product, service, or experience that you think should be added to this list? Just let us know!