Camping Can Suck. 4 Weed Products That Can Help

It’s no secret that I’m a novice when it comes to camping.
From bugs, to sleeping mats, pitching tents and starting campfires, it’s just never been my thing! I am, after all, a city girl at heart.

Born and raised in the urban oasis of San Francisco, camping was always a foreign idea to my family. Our idea of getting into the great outdoors either meant barbecuing in Golden Gate Park or walking along the seaside at Ocean Beach. If we were really feeling adventurous, one might even “venture” and explore a perfectly cleared “hiking” path near the Academy of Sciences, knowing that a raccoon or squirrel could be at any turn. Talk about adventurous. 

It wasn’t until I met my partner that I learned that non-city folk not only went camping during their summers for vacation, but actually enjoyed it! Our first camping trip was interesting, to say the least. We left with a fully packed car, filled to the brim. Tent? Check. Sleeping Mats? Check. Cooler? Check. Clothes, bug spray, hair spray, lanterns, candles, plates, forks, knives, cups and every other “necessity” from our small home in LA? Check. 

I was overpacked and underprepared for what was to come. We had decided on a trip to Joshua Tree National Park, and I couldn’t have been more nervous. The day began with intense heat, and as the sun dropped below the horizon, so did the temperature. I remember throwing layers up layers on, not understanding how a desert could get so cold. And what were all of the creepy sounds from outside our tent? With my anxiety at an all-time high, I realized that there was only one thing that could ease my soul: a fat joint. 

So we bundled up, rolled up, and sat around the crackling fire, casting the most joyous shadows on the rocks and boulders that surrounded us. Halfway through my j, I realized: this was what I had been missing all day. I was too tense to actually enjoy the experience, but somehow ganja made it all better. The stars shone brighter, the smoky smells intensified, and my heart was filled with peace, now understanding that this experience was meant to help us connect and slow down. 

So, to all of my camp-dreading peers, all I can say is this: Bring Yo’ Weed!
Finding myself an occasional camper, I thought I’d share my top 4 products for dealing with any outdoor angst:

You may prefer a heavy indica strain such as Cresco’s Purple Punch vape cartridge. Known for its double punch of head and body high, this sweet tasting strain is a staple for when I’m feeling

Perhaps an edible is what you need. With many afraid of overdosing on THC, I find that Somatik’s 2:1 CBD chocolate-covered goji berries are a must have in times of need! These ultra low-dose goodies offer sweet relief from aches and pains – and have also helped with lingering migraines!

There’s nothing worse than lying in your tent, staring at the ceiling, feeling a anxious, exhausted, and sore all at once. Enter Kin Slips. Their sublingual strips are the PERFECT remedy that acts in as little as 15 minutes – with a line that’s specifically formulated with CBN (a cannabinoid known for its sedative powers)! Their Shut Eye Kin Slip is a god-send in moments like this!

Whether you pitched the tent, explored a new trail, or found yourself sleeping on a rock instead of sleeping like a rock… sometimes the great outdoors pushes our muscles into overdrive. And there’s nothing like a great topical to help deal! My go-tos tend to be Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Balm and their Releaf Patches. The patches are for acute pain that’s crept up, whereas the balm is for slathering on knees, elbows or shoulders that are overworked.

Well folks, it’s my sincere hope that you may find just a little more joy while camping with some of these products on hand. In need of a quick delivery before that weekend trip? Look no further! Lucky Box Club carries all of these products and more. Order today by texting 916-793-1757 or at