2020 Cannabis Gift Guide

2020 Cannabis Gift Guide

It’s not too late to give the gift of green – check out our top picks for the perfect present for your favorite canna-fan!

High Totem ‘Banana OG’ Preroll ($10)

This potent preroll is the stuff of dreams! High Totem’s Banana OG is an indica-dominant love child of heavy-hitting OG Kush and Banana flowers.  Its flavor and aroma live up to its name and its slow-onset high gently rocks you into a cozy, tranquil haze. Be sure to have plenty of munchies on hand!

THC Design ‘The Gift’ ($40)

It’s not called ‘The Gift’ just for giggles – it really makes a great gift! THC Design’s high-CBD strain is the perfect choice for novices or those who desire the healing properties of CBD rather than the high that most flowers impart. Truly a pleasant change of pace!

Blessed Extracts ‘Purple Punch’ Crumble ($25)

The perfect stocking stuffer for a Dab King or Queen! Tested at 81.8% THC, this indica concentrate lives up to its name. Purple Punch starts off at full-speed, imparting a strong cerebral high that ripples into the body for ultimate relaxation. Suits well as a nightcap or when serious chill is needed!

Mellows’ Supermellows in Peppermint Bark ($17)

Marshmallows just got a whole lot better! Supermellows are the high-dose big sister of popular low-dose Mellows, infused with about one-hundred milligrams of Red Congolese cannabis from solventless hash-infused coconut oil. Their seasonal (and festive AF) Peppermint Bark flavor is coated in real crushed candy canes and drizzled with delicious dark & white chocolate – perfect to melt in a mug of hot chocolate!

House of Saka White or Pink ($45)

You’ll definitely spread some holiday cheer when you gift a bottle of House of Saka Cannabis-Infused Wine! Crafted from vine-ripened Napa Valley grapes, this non-alcoholic take on wine is infused with Saka’s proprietary THC : CBD formulation while preserving flavor integrity. Each five-ounce serving measures 5 milligrams of THC (about microdose level) to 1 milligram of CBD, imparting a sensually smooth high that relaxes the body and arouses the senses.

‘Edibles – Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen’ by Stephanie Hua ($20)

If you want to kick up your holiday spread or surprise your favorite gourmand, this cannabis cookbook is a must-have! With 30 recipes for sweet and savory low-dose bites, ‘Edibles’ gives a high-class take on the space brownies of the past. 

LBC Pelican 1200 Case ($49)

Keep the stash safe with a LBC Pelican case! Proofed against water, dust and getting crushed, rest assured that your precious products and accessories are well-protected. This case also is compatible with a  lock to protect from children and moochers alike!

Winter Collection Lucky Box ($199)

Make gift shopping easier with the Winter Collection! Filled with the hottest items of the season, our Winter Collection boasts an array of flowers, edibles, vapes, and accessories to lift spirits no matter what the holiday season entails.

Check out Dr. Lucky’s quick rundown below!