Winter Collection Lucky Box

Winter Collection Rundown with Dr. Lucky

Take a peek inside the Winter Collection with Dr. Lucky!

House of Saka White (MSRP $45)

You’ll be the best guest at the holiday party when you bring a bottle of House of Saka White Infused Wine! Crafted from vine-ripened Napa Valley grapes, this non-alcoholic take on a classic Chardonnay wine is infused with Saka’s proprietary THC : CBD formulation while preserving flavor integrity. Each five-ounce serving measures 5 milligrams of THC (which is microdose level) to 1 milligram of CBD, imparting a sensually smooth high that relaxes the body and arouses the senses. House of Saka White imparts luscious aromas of juicy stone fruit & toasted oak, followed by a surprisingly crisp buttery vanilla & exotic fruit finish. Perfect pairing with seafood, poultry, charcuterie, and more.

Somatik Cold Brew Coffee (MSRP $8)

Give your morning coffee a boost of ganja goodness with Somatik Cannabis-Infused Cold Brew Coffee! This deliciously bold, sustainably-sourced Colombian coffee is infused with ten milligrams of double-distilled, butane-free hybrid THC to boost energy, improve mood, and enhance well-being, Add a shot or two to your daily coffee or take quick sips throughout the day. Perfect for when you need an extra dose of creativity and stamina during the holidays! Vegan, gluten-free & sugar-free.

Mellows Gourmet Marshmallows (MSRP $10)

Marshmallows just got a whole lot better! Mellows are low-dose handcrafted gourmet marshmallows born in the heart of San Francisco. Available in a variety of heavenly flavors, each Mellow is infused with about four to five milligrams of ‘Red Congolese’ cannabis from solventless hash-infused coconut oil. This not only enhances the texture but unlike most edibles, the herbaceous essence of the plant is virtually undetectable. Try Mellows in any place you’d use regular marshmallows, like hot drinks, desserts, and more!

Garden Society Rosettes (MSRP $45)

This holiday season, share joints – not germs with Garden Society Rosettes! Filled with sungrown CBD-rich superstar strain, Ringo’s Gift, supported with a touch of THC, these synergistic smokeables are perfect to pack along for whatever the day brings your way. Each pack contains ten pre-rolls and imparts calming, therapeutic effects to keep anxiety and stress at bay without much psychoactivity.

Weekenders Pre-Rolls Drift & Play (MSRP $10)

Weekend warriors, rejoice — the preroll of your dreams has arrived! Weekenders Prerolls are the perfect smoke for all adventures you have ahead. Filled with all-natural, sun-grown cannabis grown in Humboldt County, Weekenders are carefully blended with synergistic amounts of both potent THC & healing CBD to get you “just the right amount of high” while remaining functional. Popular with cannabis newbies or those with a low tolerance, sativa-forward Weekenders’ ‘Play’ is ideal for fueling creativity, playfulness & energy. Weekenders ‘Drift’ is a blend of indica-dominant 4:1 THC:CBD experience, making this perfect for a chill smoke sesh with your friends or when you want to relax without falling asleep.

Panacea Purple Double Deja Vu (MSRP $60)

Panacea is a premier flower brand from the legendary cultivator, NorCal Cannabis Company. Their premium varietals include Forty One, Lemon Mintz, True Mintz, Melons, and Purple Deja Vu, all testing between 22-26%! These high-grade flowers are sure to lift your spirits and keep you soaring.

Z’s Life Papers (MSRP $12)

For the sophisticated smoker, Z’s Life Papers are crafted from European flax fibers extracted from the plant’s stem. These additive-free papers burn slowly and smoothly, enhancing your smoking experience while honoring your flower’s terpene profile. Each booklet includes fifty ultra-thin flax papers and perforated filters, tucked snugly in a chic designer pack with a magnetic clasp.

Cannabolish Spray (MSRP $8)

With nearly 30 years of research & success, Cannabolish is the ultimate choice for environmentally-safe and odor control. While most air-freshening products superficially mask odors with toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chemical compounds, Cannabolish is formulated from child & pet-safe natural plant oils and water. This unique formula, available in both candle and spray form, has been perfected to effectively remove offensive odors as often as you like. A perfectly useful accompaniment to your holiday smoke sesh.