Best of 2020 Results

The results are in for our Best of 2020 poll!

While all the brands nominated (and not nominated) brought magic to our Lucky Boxes in 2020, we asked our members and supporters who they thought were the best cannabis products and accessories of yesteryear.

And the winners are…*drumroll, please*

Best Flower
Barrett Farms

Nestled in verdant Humboldt County, Barrett Farms is a small, craft cannabis operation that grows its crop sustainably and single-sourced. As one of Humboldt’s top-selling farms for years, you can trust Barrett Farms’ to provide quality cannabis that you can taste and feel.
Best Pre-Roll
Garden Society Rosettes

A woman-owned cannabis brand, Garden Society is an industry leader in reframing cannabis for women through education, uncompromising quality, and creating approachable products for women who are curious about incorporating cannabis into their daily lives. Their lovely Rosette pre-rolls are packed with fine sun-grown flowers, perfect to smoke for a brighter day.
Best Vape
Raw Garden

One of the industry’s most beloved vape brands, Raw Garden takes pride in providing a genuinely transcendental vape experience that stays true to the medicinal powers of cannabis. By using their own seeds grown in the Central Coast and proprietary extraction process, Raw Garden creates 100% clean, “raw” cannabis extract free from additives that stands out in potency, terpene profiles, and purity.
Best Extract
Eel River Organics

Hailing from Humboldt County, Eel River Organics’ outstanding concentrates are extracted from sun-grown cannabis using 100% organic and sustainable methods. Eel River Organics’ commitment to conscious cultivation creates a unique & exceptional extract experience without using harmful pesticides, herbicides, or synthetics.
Best Edible
Mellows Brown Butter Sage Marshmallow

Handcrafted in the heart of San Francisco, Mellows are low-dose gourmet marshmallows that put a grown-up twist on a childhood favorite. Each Mellow is infused with solventless hash-infused coconut oil which not only enhances the texture, but unlike many edibles, the herbaceous essence of the plant is virtually undetectable. Mellows’ Brown Butter Sage Marshmallow is fragrant with nutty, toasted brown butter and warm sage, creating an epicurean profile that is a favorite amongst foodies.
Best Beverage
Somatik Cold Brew Coffee

An LBC HQ staple, Somatik’s THC Cold Brew Coffee synergizes the magic of cannabis and coffee in a bold beverage that can be enjoyed alone on ice or added to your favorite beverage. We like making a Somatik Dirty Chai by adding a shot of Somatik (or two) to a cup of chai tea and a splash of vanilla almond milk!
Best Topical
Green Bee Botanicals Deep Calm Massage Oil

This proprietary blend of full-spectrum cannabis & soothing organic botanicals is a godsend for those that need a healthy dose of pain relief from pain, inflammation, and skin issues alike. Cannabis extracts assist with easing inflammation while herbal remedies like comfrey, calendula, and lavender soothe the skin and body. With both THC and CBD 3:1 ratio options, Green Bee Botanicals formulated this wellness salve with everyone in mind. Many fans suggest using it for arthritic pain, bug bites, and itchy skin!
Best Accessory
‘Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen’ Cookbook
by Stephanie Hua

With more than 48,000 copies sold worldwide and an Amazon best-seller, Stephanie Hua’s ‘Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen‘ is a beautiful and informative collection of 30 delectable recipes for your cookbook collection or the cannabis gourmand in your life.

Congratulations to the winners and a huge thank you to all who participated and all brands nominated – There’s no ✨magic✨ in the Box without you!