High Holidays


Tis the season for your “elevated” gift giving and holiday celebrations! But if you thought the Ugly Sweater Party trend wasn’t bad enough, Lucky Box Club is here to tell you that a thrifted, mothballed, handknit creation has NOTHING on these weird, wacky and worst Cannabis holiday items. So don’t end up on the “Naughty” list by gifting one of these ultra-lame presents to your fellow smoker, dabber, eater or vapor. But DO regift one of these beastlies, and OWN that boring old White Elephant office exchange (and also make sure to back it up with a subscription to Lucky Box Club, and end up on their “Nice” List after all the laughs you will enjoy!).


Now when we say LIT, we literally mean quite possibly burning your house down (or at least the clothing off your back) with these lighter cufflinks?! This list of Weird 420 products turned up the heat by showcasing what we think could quickly turn into third-degree burns for burners trying to “trick light” that holiday joint with their shirt sleeve! These lighter cufflinks are from Gifts for Men, whose slogan is inappropriately quoted as “the coolest gifts men want”. “Cool” or not, we see another Darwin Award winner amongst the purchasers of this NOT recommended cannabis holiday gift! (like we need to spell this one out… but we did, just in case)


And who doesn’t need a “ Jacted Up” Ugly Christmas Tree Hoodie ” for that next lame office party? A hoodie design that looks like a deformed (or malnourished) cannabis plant passing as a Christmas tree? Anyone? Anyone? Buhler? Buhler? Yeah, we didn’t think so either, but Amazon still listed it, so we are throwing in this ultra-lameness just in time for those Ugly Sweater whatevers. Making sure your entrance will at least turn some heads, especially when you are hanging out, waiting for some action, at the water cooler. Serious approaches NOT guaranteed.


For those that like to get all Toasty on cold, winter mornings, now you can add a little canna-butter to your Marijuana leaf-branded toast with this HOT Gift for Cannabis Chefs, the “Weed Leaf Toaster”. This gift is odd enough to be lovable, and while this obvious culinary masterpiece might not make it onto your Thanksgiving cornucopia IG post, it probably will get some chuckles from fellow cannabis enthusiasts, and maybe your old Uncle Charlie who still watches Cheech and Chong, and talks about Shakedown Street like it’s 1973.


Whether you celebrate Happy Danksgiving, Merry Kushmas or any one of the numerous other cannabis celebration puns that are thrown up all over Pinterest, we at Lucky Box Club know that if you spend time with family and friends, any celebration will be lucky and worth having! But for those eyeing Uncle Ike’s coveted “Best Gift Giver” honors… we recommend you drop the dispensary (and those silly smiling boxes) and bring your own good luck charm to their holiday doorsteps, with a Lucky Box Club subscription! Nothing weird or silly about cannabis here… just our clean, classy box filled with goodies that any type of cannabis consumer could want!

Give the Gift of Good Luck this year, with the best weed delivery service ever, a subscription to Lucky Box Club!

Happy Holidays to all our wonderful cannabis family and friends. Thanks for being OUR lucky charm in 2017!