Lucky Box Club Announces Drone Deliveries of Weed

BREAKING NEWS: Cannabis Delivered by Drones

Lucky Box Club, California’s longest-running cannabis subscription box service, announced their newest drone delivery service for remote and hard-to-reach locations throughout the Northern California region.

The optional add-on will begin on April 15th with a hefty price tag of $300 for the additional delivery option. “This is set to be a game-changer,” stated Eliza Maroney, co-founder of Lucky Box Club. “We’ll finally be able to reach those who have been longing for a convenient and discrete option for cannabis delivery that may be outside of our current delivery radius.” 

“It’s been our mission to be on the cutting edge of technology & cannabis, so when the opportunity arose, we just had to pursue it,” said Luke Maroney, Eliza’s better half and president of Lucky Box Club. When asked about “what’s next”, Maroney simply replied, “Extraterrestrial smoke-o-grams for an on-demand buddy to smoke with,” boasting a grin a mile wide. The pilot program will begin with deliveries in the Santa Cruz & Humboldt regions and shows promise to quickly expand statewide.

Follow their story on their Instagram for the latest updates from this growing company, and if you made it this far, APRIL FOOL’S! While we hope to offer this stellar of service someday, it’s definitely not today – did we get you with the ol’ drone prank this year? Want some REAL news? Every delivery comes with a penny pre-roll, today only! Check our menu.