From Puffing Dragons to Anti-Gravity Bongs


We all know how lighting up a joint can stimulate your imagination. Odds are, this weed-induced creativity has inspired some of the world’s craziest bongs. In this post we take a look at the best and most creative bongs of 2018. So whether you’re searching for a traditional bong, a classy bong or something more extravagant, Lucky Box has the hook-up for you.

Here’s our pick of the 7 craziest bong designs of 2018!


A bong that will keep you both entertained and confused.

This sculpted monster bong looks like something directly pulled out of Stranger Things. The creator of this creature-inspired bong goes by the name of Salt and all his work follows a unique style, from strange beings like this one to even more bizarre things.

If you’re into monsters, then his entire collection is definitely worth checking out.

More of his work can be found here and on the official Saltglass website.


Deep down we all want an inside as colorful as this.

Now this one is quite eye-catching… The skeleton pipe was brought to life by Kevin Murray, an extremely talented glass artist whose entire body of work is worth admiring. The price of this pipe is largely due to the professional techniques and materials required to create it and this work of art is not easily replicable. You can find it at the “Milked Vape Shop & Glass Gallery” located in Watertown, Massachusetts.

“Earl”, the fully-functional, glass skeleton pipe, got his name from Milked Vape Shop, consisting of eight different functioning pieces.

Price: 1 million dollars (insert Dr. Evil voice)


Take the power of gravity with you.

Who doesn’t like to see physics in action? If you’re tired of building gravity bongs yourself, then Vortex is the product for you. The professionally designed bong is made to maximize pulling efficiency, guaranteeing dank hits every time.

The Vortex comes in a large variety of colors and is the perfect conversation-starter for your next party. You can buy them here and have it delivered right to your door.


A Jimi Hendrix tribute.

This one is for every stoner musician out there. Created by Etai Rahmil. The pipe was inspired by a posterfor the Jimi Hendrix Experience at the Fillmore East in 1969.

Etai’s whole collection is a tribute to music in general, most of his designs are inspired and based on instruments, making his entire collection a must-see.

Rahmil says that this piece is “a testament to the love that music spreads to every inch of the world.”


Nikola Tesla would be proud.

This amazing piece of cannabis glass was created by N3rd Glass, who admits to have a thing for “making stuff glow”. From trippy colors to flashy lights, his collection is really worth watching.

This bong balances elegantly between smooth design and exciting visuals, making it the perfect piece to admire while stoned.


Science went crazy.

This bong is something really worth taking a look at in person. SiliconCali is entering the bong industry with the big guns, creating the world’s first laser bong.

Although the bong is not yet released, a pre-order is available at their website. We may not have a picture, but this video will do all the explaining necessary.