Slide into V-Day with Kiskanu Intimacy Oil

Keep your V-Day soiree silky smooth with Kiskanu Intimacy Oil, now carried by Lucky Box Club!

Named for an ancient sacred tree believed to have been the ‘Tree of Life’ found in the Garden of Eden, Kiskanu is a highly-coveted yet elusive beauty and wellness line that prides itself on its sustainable practices, support for organic farmers and consistent quality. Kiskanu utilizes the whole plant rather than isolates or concentrates, allowing for more effective healing qualities that remain true to the source.

Their intimacy oil is arguably one of our favorite items from their brand, not just because we believe in the power of lube (of which you can never have to much), but how effective it is against common intimacy issues. This topical is crafted to increase arousal, intensify sensitivity,  imbue a heavenly glide and support feminine wellness. It even helps with vaginismus, a condition that causes sex to be painful due to involuntarily contracted pelvic muscles. The star of the show is credited to calendula, which aids as an anti-bacterial and soothing presence, alongside virgin cold-pressed oils and sustainably-sourced whole-plant cannabis extract.

Though you can now purchase Kiskanu Intimacy Oil on our site, you can also find this divine topical in our Eros Collection, a tantalizing trove of cannabis creations curated to spark sensuality for solo play with your sexy self or with a lucky partner (or two). This limited-edition collection arouses all five senses for a truly immersive & ecstatic experience.