Sex & Cannabis: Enhancing Libido and Relaxation

Let’s talk about sex, baby!
A truly perfect pairing, sex and cannabis go together like — well, sex and cannabis! With cannabis’ penchant to heighten sensitivity and get you in tune with your body, it can turn “sexy time” into a remarkably intoxicating experience. While there are plenty of ways to incorporate cannabis into your sex life, we have a sweet spot for White Fox Atmospheres!

Using ancient Ayurvedic recipes to increase sexual energy, sensitivity and more for both men and women, White Fox Atmospheres crafts wellness vapes with intention-focused medicine to reveal your own true greatness to yourself. Combined with specific THC to CBD ratios, their formulas guide you to dive deeper into yourself to arouse the profound, authentic and sensual being within. Each formula is also associated with animal symbolism, imparting the product with an energy akin to the primality of its animal spirit.

As common courtesy insists, ladies come first, and sex should be far from the exception. Before getting frisky, unleash the wild woman within with White Fox Untamed! Infused with notable aphrodisiacs like shatavari, ashwagandha and mucuna, the effect from just a few puffs is simply transcendent. Uplifting without the jitters, this allows for increased stamina and sensual sensitivity. As the wild horse symbolizes, Untamed guides you to your most liberated self: strong, sexy, and passionate to the core.

For the guys out there, you’ll always be ready to rise to the occasion with White Fox Legendary! Packed with testosterone boosting herbs such as cinnamon, safed musli and saffron, there’s a reason why this vape is named “Legendary”. When you’re about to get lucky, take a few puffs beforehand and you’re good to go (and probably go again)! The lion on display acts as motivation to be led by your heart, embodying strength, vitality, growth and inspiration to those open to the beauty of being awake.

Now that play time is over and you’re ready to mellow out, come down with White Fox Mystic Dreams! Formulated to induce deep relaxation and enhance the lucid dream state, this is best enjoyed at the end of the night. With essences of valerian root, bacopa, nutmeg and more guiding the way, allow the white buffalo to open the gates for you to drift into the mystical dream realm.

We truly love what we do and hope you continue to and want to learn more about cannabis and the fantastic brands out there that really know how to use her medicine. If you try these products, let us know how it goes! We always want to hear back from our members so we can continue bringing you the best of the best. Stay safe, stay lifted and remember…There’s Magic in the Box!

The LBC Crew

Image credits to Google Images and 99 High Tide